Supporting mental wellbeing in the workplace

Supporting the workplace wellbeing of employees is no longer a fringe human resources interest for a minority of employers.

Instead, it has become a cornerstone of most successful business models, with the links between good employee mental health, staff retention and profitability more apparent than ever.

To help steer employers through the process of establishing and maintaining a clear mental wellbeing strategy for employees, Guardian Jobs has produced this helpful guide. Inside you’ll find:

  • ideas that other companies are using to engage with the process and measure the results
  • tips on thinking outside the box when it comes to relieving work-based stress and anxiety
  • ways to support the mental health of diverse employee groups
  • a consideration of the challenges of managing staff wellbeing remotely in a future that has been significantly changed by the Covid-19 pandemic.


1. Workplace wellbeing: a big deal for companies
2. Mental health and wellbeing at the heart of your business
3. Relieving stress and supporting workplace wellbeing: putting a plan into action
4. Closing remarks
5. Useful contacts.

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