Opportunity to create a more fair and equitable workplace for the future

Hady Elsayed

In the first of our new series interviews in partnership with The GC Index®, we ask Senior HR Leaders who have all been profiled, how their proclivities are enabling them to make a positive impact on their employees and organisation as we navigate through the challenges of Covid-19. Founder & Managing Director, of theHRDIRECTOR Peter Banks, talks directly to Andrea Bortner, Chief Human Resources Officer, Grocery Outlet – a food retailer, which has been under a huge amount of pressure from the extremely high demand for their products during this crisis.

Andrea shares how the Grocery Outlet has had to look after the wellbeing of their employees as there has been a real danger of burn out. She believes a new type of leadership is required for the future and ensuring you have the right resources and skills in place is critical to managing wellbeing, providing care and showing empathy for your employees, customers and community. Andrea sees an opportunity for us to have a have a fair and equitable workplace for the future.

Peter Banks, Founder & Managing Director of theHRDIRECTOR commented: “It is fascinating to learn how The GC Index® has allowed Andrea to make sense of everything based on her Strategist/Implementer profile and in this challenging time she has managed to take in a huge amount of information and look at it holistically and then organise and structure how this impacts her employees, her organisation and indeed her home life. Andrea explains how she feels this has been vital for her CEO and ultimately the business, as it is so easy to get lost in the crisis. She has been able to bring structure and framework instead of living in the moment, but admits that she has been challenged by the fluidity of the crisis as it has been constantly changing, making it extremely hard to keep up. Some great advice too – which is not to forget to look after yourself, because if you don’t, you cannot take care of others.”

Watch the first in the series now as we look to see how The GC Index® can help our Senior HR Leaders deliver real impact for their organisations in these extremely challenging times. We will uncover a rich source of ideas, insight, strategies and new working practices to guide us through this and learn how each of our Senior HR Leaders  proclivities are enabling them to tackle this crisis. A compelling look at what we can learn from this global pandemic and optimising an opportunity to return to ‘the new better’?

Watch the video interview now – click here.

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