Top 10 HR questions May 2020: Returning to work safely

Employers have been asking how they can help workers return safely

As lockdown restrictions gradually begin to ease, employers have been preparing for employees to return to work.

The government has encouraged those that cannot work from home to return to their workplace, where possible. In May’s most popular FAQs on XpertHR, employers have been asking how to safely reopen their workplace and how to manage employees who are reluctant to return.

Managing annual leave and bank holidays for furloughed workers also continues to raise questions for HR.

The top 10 HR questions in May 2020:

1.  What process should employers follow to control coronavirus risks when returning to work from the lockdown?  

2. Can an employee claim a statutory redundancy payment if they have been furloughed for four or more weeks? 

3. What should the employer do if an employee is reluctant to return to work as the coronavirus lockdown is lifted? 

4. How should employers deal with bank holidays that fall within a period of furlough leave? 

5. When can annual leave be carried over due to the coronavirus crisis? 

6. Can an employer place an employee on furlough leave if they are off sick? 

7. Must employees be placed on periods of furlough in three-week blocks? 

8. Is there a minimum period for which an employee must be back at work before they can be furloughed again? 

9. Employees cannot undertake work for their employer during furlough leave, but what constitutes work? 

10. Do employees have a right to be furloughed?

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