Police officer banned after stealing breakfasts from staff canteen


A police officer has been banned from every police force in the UK after he admitted to stealing breakfasts from the staff canteen during the first week of his job.

Jamie Larman took seven full English breakfasts from the canteen at the Thames Valley Police training centre without paying, a misconduct hearing was told.

Staff who live at least 20 miles away from the centre can opt to stay on site and receive complimentary meals. However, Larman, who knew he did not qualify for free meals, repeatedly took the breakfasts without paying.

He was caught after he was heard telling a colleague: “I’m not entitled to this, but I should be, I only live just inside the boundary.”

Larman resigned earlier this year when he was challenged about taking the breakfasts. At a recent misconduct hearing, he was barred from applying for a job at any police force in the UK.

Thames Valley Police Chief Constable John Campbell told the hearing: “He states that the reason for his actions were to build rapport with colleagues who met early for breakfast ahead of training.

“I consider this nonsense. He could have fulfilled this objective by paying for his own food and not stealing from TVP.”

It was also alleged that he received a warning after he behaved similarly when he worked as a police community support officer, and that he was fully aware of the rules.

“It was not a ‘mistake’, as he suggests – it was wilful and dishonest. He has no place in TVP.

“’If he was still serving I would have dismissed him without notice. He will be placed on the COP [College of Policing] barred list.”

Larman admitted that his behaviour amounted to gross misconduct.

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