Maintaining momentum in your remote working wellbeing strategy


People who have worked remotely during the pandemic have faced a cocktail of mental health worries, ranging from the inability to ‘switch off’ from work, to a lack of social connection.

Employers have reacted to these concerns quickly and effectively, with many putting in place robust programmes of support and activities to help keep employees connected, happy and healthy.

But as the pandemic subsides and organisations begin to focus on business recovery, there is a danger that the current emphasis on supporting remote workers’ mental health and wellbeing is forgotten – particularly if organisations expect most of their staff to return to the office for some of the week.

HR can’t go back to simply reacting to mental health issues that emerge. A proactive approach to employee health and wellbeing needs to be maintained.

Download Personnel Today’s white paper, in association with BHSF, to find out what the major health and wellbeing issues among remote workers are, and what an effective mental health and wellbeing strategy should contain.

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