L&D experts form evidence-led learning initiative

Tulser Global pictured L-R: Charles Jennings, Vivian Heijnen, Jos Arets and Laura Overton

A group of prominent learning and development experts have come together to form Tulser Global, an initiative aimed to ensure organisations get tangible value from their learning activities.

Tulser, an anagram of ‘result’, brings together the founders of the 70:20:10 Institute Jos Arets, Vivian Heijnen and Charles Jennings, with Laura Overton, who set up renowned L&D benchmarking service Towards Maturity and until last year was its CEO.

The group argues that learning teams face an “existential crisis” at the moment, with research showing that the impact of L&D on organisations’ productivity and profitability is open to question.

Arets said: “Focus must move to considering L&D’s value in terms of the business value it creates, requiring a systemic change in L&D which is outcome-led and evidence-informed.”

As the 70:20:10 Institute has applied solid research and scientific rigour in its work with clients, it believes it can help L&D teams “realise business value, rather than just learning value”.

Overton added: “The evidence of the past 15 years shows results matter and learning innovation, done well, does deliver results.

“We saw this at Towards Maturity, but we also saw that L&D struggles to fully embrace the change it knows it must go through. New business models for L&D are needed to help it to see the change through.”

The Tulser team said it will work “transparently and collaboratively” to help organisations “co-create” the future of learning, she added.

Overton’s role will also focus on bringing together like-minded thinkers and organisations that share a passion for “outcome-led, evidence-informed change” in L&D.

The group has three primary objectives:

  • To help corporate learning leaders and their teams become value creators and business critical through practical, proven, and innovative approaches and tools.
  • To provide evidence-informed, robust, tested methodologies to accelerate change.
  • To establish an alliance across the industry to share a focus on driving business value through output led, evidence informed learning decisions.

It will be based across the UK and the Netherlands, and clients already include companies such as construction supplies company Hilti, Citibank, AstraZeneca and lighting company Signify.

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