Human Resources Advice

Human Resources Advice

Employee Relations Management

The workplace can be such a tense atmosphere. Employees are coming from diverse backgrounds, each one is unique, with their own nuances and worldview. Conflicts are sure to arise. However, how well these conflicts are managed, can make or break an organisation. 

Employee relationship management is an art. The art of applying Human Resources Best Practises in such a way to create an engaging, fair and compliant, working environment. This is a proficiency that TalenD Consultants have perfected. We can provide proactive strategies for your organization to strengthen teamwork and collaboration amongst its employees as well as, support HR operations responding to the organisation's needs and ER challenges. 

Mergers and Acquisitions (TUPE)

Mergers and Acquisitions is a big part of the business strategy that can transform your organisation’s overall mission and stated objectives. Is your organisation going through this process? We can help develop strategies for a smooth process.

TalenD Consultants has a team of experts that can develop clearly articulated plans and strategies for your M&A from Human Resources perspective and manage all sizes and industries TUPE process. 


Does your business needs restructure? Is redundancy in your agenda? Here is how we can help.

TalenD Consultants HR  experts provide businesses and leaders the guidance and support required with Redundancy procedure making sure that organisations fulfil their legal obligations in respect of all redundancy situations.

How We Can Help

  • Providing your organisation with the right tools in managing conflicts, ensuring the right information is collected and collated. 
  • Leading your organization’s investigations and make evidence-based recommendations to management or further actions to be taken. 
  • Conducting sessions for managers and supervisors, providing them with up-to-date skills for conflict resolution and HR best practice.
  • Holding the redundancy process for businesses or prepare operational managers and senior leaders to manage the process with the minimum risk.
  • Providing assessment tools in appraising employees and noting areas for their improvements. 
  • Auditing your process and policies and we will work with you to build strategies which are tailored to achieve your company’s goals and objectives and tie them to the business compliance plan.

Our HR Services include  

On-call support, proactive advice for all day-to-day HR,  and compliance matters and documentation, for businesses that want to manage their people effectively and do not have HR in-house. 

Partnership Packages for, Strategic advice, onsite support, and management of all HR complex issues such as grievances, independent investigations, performance, absence, redundancy and  TUPE. 

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