HR and the pandemic: Peter Cheese talks to Oven-Ready HR

Peter Cheese, chief executive of the CIPD

Peter Cheese, CEO of the CIPD gives a profound, candid, wide-ranging and optimistic interview to Chris Taylor of Oven-Ready HR.  Subjects and themes covered include:

  • How HR as been centre-stage during the pandemic and how the profession has really “stepped-up” to meet this challenge
  • The new paradigms of work and how flexible/home working is allowing individuals previously excluded from the workforce an opportunity to take part
  • Innovation and creative organisational cultures can thrive perfectly well in a flexible working model
  • HR now  has the confidence to place itself at the heart of business as the pandemic was after all a ‘human crisis’
  • Many business leaders are now seeing the true value that HR brings with culture, skills, diversity, AI, learning and employee wellbeing topping the in-tray
  • How the CIPD is confronting toxic workplace cultures and championing diversity and inclusivity following the MeToo and BLM movements
  • How the HR profession itself must become more inclusive and diverse – “We can be the change we want to be”
  • The importance of community to organisations and why it’s positive to have a workforce that is representative of their customer base
  • How all of the changes to how, why and where we work is a huge opportunity for the future of the HR profession.

Chris Taylor

About Chris Taylor

Chris Taylor is host of the Oven-Ready HR Podcast.

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