App aims to boost health and safety knowlege among migrant workers


Migrant workers are more than twice as likely to be killed or suffer injuries in the workplace because poor English skills are preventing them from understanding safety rules and instructions.

This claim, by the Health and Safety Executive, has prompted Make UK – an organisation that represents manufacturers – and language experts the FlashAcademy to develop a new workplace English app, designed to provide migrant workers with critical health and safety information.

The app delivers health and safety technical training and general English skills in 20 languages, helping firms improve communication, safety and productivity.

It also includes a Covid-19 category to help ensure that staff understand rules and messaging around preventing the spread of the virus at work, including government guidelines, hygiene and cleaning, PPE, risk assessments and workforce management.

Make UK said the app will help organisations meet their obligations under the Health & Safety at Work Act, which requires employers to demonstrate that staff have understood and acted on the health and safety training they have delivered.

Ian Hunter, head of health and safety consultancy at Make UK, said: “This app will really help manufacturers and wider industry deliver appropriate and effective health and safety training to their migrant workers, ensuring they are properly protected in the workplace. The simple technology enables all employees to make sure they completely understand those vital safety instructions designed to keep employees safe in the work environment.”

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